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Aura MUGLER is an invitation to reconnect with your instinct, your deep nature and your senses. Each woman discovers in her an unsuspected power and lets all her femininity explode. Her aura shines with force. Aura MUGLER is a powerful and instinctive fragrance that embodies the meeting of the animal world and the plant world by fusing floral freshness and feline sensuality. An Eau de Parfum with an assertive character that diffuses vibrant and sensual notes.

A unique creation with instinctive notes, Aura MUGLER Eau de Parfum is aimed at women in search of authenticity, ready to explore their deep nature and to express a new, instinctive and powerful femininity. For those looking for a sensual, vibrant and powerful fragrance with a strong character.

Aura MUGLER, listen to your instinct

Size - 10ml 

Formula - EDP

Type - Spray 

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