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Beauty Loom Canada

Combo: Le Valentin - Choose any three (text us to confirm)

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Le Valentin by Beauty Loom Canada.

901 – Le Valentin Grande Chai Latte – A warm toned peachy brown (Think about your Chai babe in a Grande cup that been steamed to the perfection to wake the f*** you up)

903 – Le Valentin Venti Caramel Macchiato – A caramel brown as sweet as sugar that burnt just right as refreshing as a venti cup of Macchiato

904 – Le Valentin Raspberry Chiffon Mocha – A sweet Raspberry red  brewed just right to fit your mood to fill a cup of Mocha.

603 - Le Valentin Vancouver Chik – A Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Raspberry Rose – as pretty as rose as sweet as raspberry

604 - Le Valentin Montreal Beau - An Apple Blossom Brown Rust a very pretty chestnut shade complementing to every skin tone

611 - Le Valentin Calgary Belle – A Crisp Cherrywood shade perfect for a toasty evening or crispy day

620 - Le Valentin Toronto Bae – A Thulian Pink – This muted shade of pink is what a pink dream meant to be


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