About Us

North American Beauty started its official journey in Bangladesh at the beginning of 2021, with a commitment to provide the best social commerce retail service in Bangladesh with  authentic high-end  branded products  specially sourced from North American flagship dealers, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. We have an excellent assortment of prestige products in various categories, unbiased service, and an unparalleled interactive 24/7 shopping environment. We source our consumer products only from the flagship outlets in Canada and America.
Though we have a niche target audience, we have a different business strategy to extend our set customer segment as wide as possible. We have  constructed  our business models to minimize the product cost and keep the prices as  low as possible so that a large group of audiences can have the supreme experiences of using some  of the world’s most expensive and luxurious products with  a competitive cost. That is why we do not have any plan to open our  showroom or retail store, nor we are circulating our promotion to any print and electronic media like newspaper, radio, and television to keep our fixed and operating costs as low as possible. We have been functioning through our distribution center   at Mohammadpur which we are planning to move to a larger  and equipped  facility very soon.
North American Beauty stands with our community to inspire the moral and ethical ground of our people which seems to be diminishing day by day from our culture. Together, with you, we will create a culture of belongingness in our community, society, and country.